About Us

What is Go List It?

Go List It is the platform that allows you to rent out your belongings to the people in your community. We provide a hosting service that allows you to rent and lend your items to your neighbors and community.


Our goal is to provide a safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly way for you to share your items with others. At Go List It sharing truly is caring. We care about you, and we care about the environment, that is why we have created the world’s best online product sharing platform.


Not only does the platform allow you to turn your unused or seldom used items into money, it also allows you to meet the beautiful people in your community and gives you the satisfaction that only sharing can. We hope you will join us in this exciting journey as we do our part in making our great big world just a little bit smaller.

How it all started…

Go List It it originated in the mind of our founder a Midwest based carpenter who was installing Handicap signs at a restaurant in Cincinnati, OH. During the process his drill broke prohibiting him from completing the job. He drove 15 miles to the nearest tool rental store and waited in line. Once he made it to the counter he was greeted by less than enthusiastic employees. The rental was expensive and required a hefty deposit. That day our founder decided that there was an easier and a better way to rent items. There needed to be a way to rent items after 6pm as well as the weekends.


From this point on Go List It was built and developed for you and your community. It was designed to allow you to lend, rent, and benefit from the almost 2 billion square feet of unused items sitting in storage units across the United States. Whether you have some items you would like to lend or need to rent an item we are here for you. We are teaming up with you and your community to improve our world one shared item at a time.


From our families to yours, the founders of Go List It are here for you.

Why should you use GoListIt.com


 Make Money

Who doesn’t need some extra cash? By Lending out your items on Go List It you can turn those items laying around your house or garage into cash. Why not rent out those items you seldom use and benefit from them financially. Why sell something if you can rent it out over and over and turn your unused items into revenue!


 We Save You Time

Just a click away are the items you need to complete that project, photo shoot, or spend the day enjoying something you would consider buying for the fraction of the cost.


 Meet People

Our platform is designed for you to rent and lend items to people in your community and surrounding areas. Meeting others allows us to build and cultivate stronger communities, which creates a stronger world. Start borrowing and lending today to meet the individuals that share your interests and community.


 Save Our World

Its not just “the world” we want to save it’s “our world”. The one where we raise our families and live our lives. Each time you rent an item rather than buying an item you are doing your part to help save our world. You are showing that you care. As you know, sharing is caring! Join us today in sharing your everyday items and caring for our world.